A look back at 2019

A look back to 2019. The year started as every other year: stomach full, the feeling of needing to change diet due to excessive eating and looking ahead to what was planned to happen later in the year.


A look back at 2019

I had planned to spend more time in producing youtube videos and the first video to be produced was something I had planned to have a go at for a while and this was adapting the Polish Army Lavuu and the Anevay Frontier Stove into a sauna.

This worked really well but there isn’t so much space so you would want to share the space with someone you weren’t that close too!


A look back at 2019

February was a month of some great trips. It just shows you you don’t need sunny / warm weather to get outside and enjoy yourself.

Early Feb I had decided to head up to the Lake District for a weekend Bothy Camping and also given my friend (who was to head to Sweden with me in June) the chance to have a look at gear needed.

This was a very wet, cold and windy weekend but was a great weekend and was here that I decided to try and really give these youtube videos a go.

February Half term

A look back at 2019

The wife and I had got rid of the kids for a week as they had headed of to Polish Winter Camp, where they spend a week snowboarding and having fun. This is one thing that is not done a great deal in the U.K. (sending children to Summer / Winter camp) but we’ve been doing it since the eldest was 8.

It gives them great opportunities and peached them a lot about looking after themselves and my to aren’t that bothered now about heading off on trips when they don’t know anyone.

Anyway I digress… The Wife and I where free of children for the first time in 13 years. So we flew to Southern Poland and had a short break in the Mountains trekking. Hiking up Sniezka, Szklarska Poręba and into the Czech Republic.


March we welcomed DAKY.com & Real Turmat to the ambassadorship and started using and reviewing there products

Arrival of the ‘Eye in the Sky’

A look back at 2019

I had also invested in the DJI Spark which would give me the ability to create some better cinematography. It has really helped and I’m still learning with this but it has been a great little device for landscape shots.

For hiking I can really recommend a DJI Spark due to the size and weight.


A look back at 2019

April we started off with an overnight hike and camp, looking at gear to take to Sweden and also practicing charging the DJI spark in the field.

We also had a look at mobile power to charge your sparkhttps://vildmark.co.uk/equipment/charge-your-dji-spark-whilst-outdoors/ in the field.

I’ve really enjoyed using the Spark and still have yet to get around to reviewing this tiny drone for hiking.


A look back at 2019

May was a busy month with lots going on. Preparing for Sweden in the following month, we also rebranded to Vildmark.co.uk and found a WW2 bunker in the woods.


Over 5 days we walked 110km through a such amazing place have a look below:

Day 1, Day 2, Day 3, Day 4, Day 5.

Below is an overview of the trip and a link to the playlist.

Playlist for 5 days.


August was a great month as I had a chance to head out on my own (which was a huge fail due to Mosquitoes) but also I had the chance to head out Wildcamping with my son to Scotland.

We managed to summit Ben Nevis, walk some of the Great Glen Way and visit Glen Nevis.


September Was Trek 24 and a trip back to Ennerdale.

Trek 24

We walked 24km across North Norfolk and the weather couldn’t have been better. Over 250 people participated and raised around £70,000 towards mission 24/7.

Wild Ennerdale

We headed up for the weekend wild camping but only managed the Friday night due to the weather.


October we welcomed Fjern to the ambassadorship. I’ve been using some of there products for a while like the Orkan waterproof jacket and have been really happy with the jacket and also Fjern have been great with questions.

We took a look at the Fjern Aktiv down jacket.


November I started working on my application for the Fjallraven Polar in 2020. We had a month of canvassing but unfortunately I didn’t make the cut but I learnt from this application and will be back applying next year with a different attack.

One of the great things about this experience was the people that I met whilst trying to gain votes.

So that really sums up a look back at 2019. Theres more videos available on the youtube channel so please take a look.


So looking into the new year, I am planning to make more equipment review videos, plenty more outdoor cooking recipes and videos and will soon start planning a trip to Southern Sweden for a week in Tyresta National Park.

Gear Review

If you have any equipment you would like me to review, please contact. Reviews of equipment will be posted on blog, instagram, Facebook and a video created to be added onto the youtube channel.

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