My Bespoke Down Hammock camping quilt.

Ive been in the market for a new quilt for a while now.

After looking around I couldn’t find something that was suitable for what I wanted so I had this bespoke down hammock camping quilt made.

Bespoke Down Hammock camping quilt.

I wanted something that I could use in a hammock and also it needed to be suitable for ground camping as well.

I came across Ginge through Instagram and also id seen a video from Simon a bloke in the woods on youtube where he had had a quilt made for him by Ginge.

After a couple of messages on Instagram and a phone call what I was after was in the process of being made.

What did I want to be made?

Bespoke Down Hammock camping quilt.
Bespoke down hammock camping quilt being made.

I was after a 3 season down quilt that would be under 1kg in weight. The great thing about down is its size when packed, weight and of course the warmth.

I had asked for snaps to be put on the foot box and running all the way up the side to allow me to use it as a sleeping bag when ground camping.

The only issue is as it is the size for a hammock quilt it isn’t wide enough to snap together and use as a sleeping bag.

As I mention in the video we all have loads of kit (one sleeping bag for this, under quilts, hammock quilts) but this quilt I can use for ground camping and hammock camping (when the lockdown ceases). Here is a post concerning my hammock camping kit

Ginge is based in Cornwall and will ship throughout the U.K. and further a field if needed. He makes lots of other items such as snake skins, gear slings, storage cubes and pretty much anything bespoke you want like this bespoke down hammock camping quilt.

The great thing about this quilt is the fact it is made for me and will be used for ore than just one type of camping.

Currently Ginge doesn’t have a website so he is only contactable through instagram or by phone +447552998890

Please feel free to contact him if you fancy a bespoke down hammock camping quilt or something else made for you.

Contact Ginge

Quilt Review on YouTube.

Please see review video and Ginge will explain the quilt in more detail.

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