About me

about me

About Me – My name is Martin Grove and I was born in Lowestoft, Suffolk, U.K.

I currently live in Beccles, Suffolk, U.K. and work as an Emergency Medical Technician for the East of England Ambulance Service.

 I have recently resigned after 10 years as an On-Call Firefighter for Suffolk Fire and Rescue to give me more time to be out and about.

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About me – I spend a lot of my spare time out and about here in Suffolk on the coast, river or in the woods practicing my skills, reviewing equipment and generally having some downtime from my busy and some time traumatic day job.

I enjoy bushcraft, wild camping, hiking, fishing, canoeing, hammock camping and generally being outdoors.

Suffolk is a very flat county bordering the North Sea to the east with variable habitat such marsh, forest and heathland so planning trips out of this area is quite important to  me.

I enjoy trying out new methods, products and love to help promote products that I feel will benefit people enjoying the outdoor world.  

I act as a brand ambassador for Armaskin, Anevay, Real Turmat and DAKY 

Growing Up.


My life growing up here in Suffolk ranged from fishing, canoeing, camping and surfing.  When I left college the travel bug hit and I spent 10 years working abroad in various countries (South Africa, France, Italy, Tunisia & Greece to name a few).

I worked mainly in tourism doing various roles from pulling pints, teaching wake boarding and lastly I was a diving instructor in Cyprus for 6 years.

It was whilst we where living in Cyprus that a major life changing event happened that was the reason I sit here typing this.

My wife and I had planned a vacation to Sri-Lanka and we arrived on 25/12/2004.  The next day we where waiting on the beach for the dive boat when the Boxing Day Tsunami of 2004 hit the Sri-Lankan coastline.  

2004 Sri Lanka Tsunami

We where swept through the dive shop and down the road, luckily we managed to climb onto a car and finally onto the roof of a house to safety

Whilst stuck in Sri-Lanka I did my bit to help out by dressing wounds etc.  We managed to return to Cyprus on 31/12/2004 and from there it was time to settle down and have a family.


We re-located to the UK and after a few years of back working in tourism I decided to apply to the Fire Service.  I started working as a on-call fire fighter.  


Later I started working for the Ambulance service as a EMT as well.

I enjoy hiking and wild camping like my 5 day thru-hike around the Lake District.

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Scoat Tarn

This was a great week in the fells just me and the dog.  I had learnt from my mistakes during the Fjallraven Classic and had limited what I was carrying.

I had also the chance to make a video and review some products that had been sent to me.

Next trip in the pipeline. We are heading back to Northern Sweden to walk from Nikkaluokta to Abisko (110km).

We took part the Fjallraven Classic 2017 which was a 110km charity trek through Northern Sweden raising money for SARS with 2 colleagues from the ambulance service.  

This was a great experience and I long to go back to this area.

I found a very special connection to this part of the world and the people that live there.

You can find more about me by following any of the social media platforms I use : Facebook, Instagram and Youtube.  Hopefully you will see some helpful ideas, hints and tips which will help you get outside and enjoy the outdoor world.