Armaskin Always dry base layer T-shirt.

Recently I received deliver of the Armaskin Always dry base layer T-shirt. It always good news when a parcel arrives from down under and this wasn’t anything different.

Armaskin have recently released a few more products to help all of us enjoy the outdoors whether its running or hiking. Personally the only time I run is if the pub is shutting or if there a Tsunami behind me but each to there own. Anyway I digress.

Due to the huge popularity of the Armaskin Anti Blister Socks, Armaskin have further developed a base layer utilising some of the techology used in their anti-blister socks.

The Armaskin Always dry base layer T-shirt provides a surface against the skin that is always dry to keep you dry in wet or humid conditions.

Armaskin Always dry base layer T-shirt

What I really like about the base layer is that predominately it is made of merino wool which has great whacking properties and also a good thermal layer albeit good at regulating temperature (keeps you cool by whicking and keeps you warm by insulating).

Fjallraven classic
Hiking the Fjallraven Classic 2017

The garment itself is coated on the inside with the same SiFusion treatment of the anti-blister socks keeping moisture away from the skin and also limiting chaffing between skin and garment.

All of the seams / stitching are on the outside of the t-shirt which limits chaffing.

Putting on the Armaskin Always dry base layer T-shirt.

Armaskin Heavy Load Hydration Belt.

Putting on the garment I found it a little tight at first but i’m putting this down to the item being new. It is very similar to putting on a lycra rash vest as you will need to put it over your head gently and slowly ease the t-shirt down allowing it to be pulled carefully down on the back as not to damage it.

The Armaskin Always dry base layer T-shirt is very comfy to wear and the XL for my size is just on the limit size wise.

I have yet worn the Armaskin Always dry base layer T-shirt in anger but had it on for two 12 hour shifts at work las week, in and out of the cold and it kept me really warm with just under a t-shirt on top.

It has maximum movement, is figure hugging which aids in reducing chaffing and also better whacking ability.

Im looking forward to trying this out on a long hike soon.

T-shirt & Singlet.

Follow the link for more Armaskin products and don’t forget to use the code vildmark20 on check out for a 20% discount.

  • SiFusion fabric treatment of the inside of the shirt keeps moisture away from the skin
  • Main material : Merino wool
  • One way moisture transfer Si Fusion X2 keeps wearer’s skin dry
  • Merino wool provides effective moisture and temperature control
  • Bio static layer keeps wearer fresher
  • Colour: grey
  • Available in Tee shirt and Singlet
  • Made in Australia

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