Aqua Xtreme Packrafts and Kayaks. Widen your horizon!

Aqua Xtreme packrafts and kayaks.

Time to welcome Aqua Xtreme to the group of companies that produce some fantastic gear to better your adventures, create new adventures and make you more comfortable in whatever you are doing in the outdoors.

Aqua Xtreme packrafts

After my initial baptism into the world of packrafts, I soon realised at what a packraft could offer to the avid outdoorsman / woman.

I started to look at different producers of packrafts and came across Aqua Xtreme.

Aqua Xtreme was established in 2009.

Over the years it has grown to become a manufacturer of folding, composite and inflatable kayaks. Packrafts & SUP’s. 

Their own inhouse design, engineering and  production team to create the next generation of water sports products. 

Focusing on creating great designed products at affordable prices.

What attracted me to Aqua Xtreme was the ability to offer these products to the everyday Joe.

Some high end packrafts are just too expensive

People look at the packrafts, see what a packraft could offer them are then put off by the price tag.

Aqua Xtreme produce items that are cost effective, high quality and in the price range for most people.


Aqua Xtreme produce folding and composite kayaks, pacrrafts and soon to release a range of Stand Up Paddleboards (SUPs).

At present I cannot say much on the Kayaks as I have only just received delivery of two packrafts which I have yet to test.

Aqua Xtreme Packrafts.

I have two packrafts to test and initial thoughts after inflating are good.

Aqua Xtreme packrafts X1

X1 Packraft.

Weighing only 2.49kg the X1 is lightweight and perfect for fishing, exploring and bikerafting. 30cm oversized tubes, extended stern and upturned bow that will perform well in a multitude of conditions.

The X1 is suited for a person who is 1.83cm tall and above.

aqua extreme X1 packraft
Aqua-Xtreme X1 Packraft.

Made from highly durable 210d Urethane-Nylon (single-sided, multiple coating and surface finish) and a Double urethane coated 840d nylon floor with V-Tape construction.

It matches the same durability and quality as some of the high end over priced packrafts on the market.

Maximum payload of 170kg and has a max speed of 4kph.

The X1 comes with an inflatable seat, back rest and fill bag.

Alpha Packraft.

Aqua Xtreme packrafts Alpha

Weighing only 2.59kg the Alpha is lightweight and highly adaptable for a multitude of leisure pursuits. 30cm oversized tubes, extended stern and upturned bow that will perform well in a multitude of conditions.

The difference in the Alpha and the X1 is that the Alpha is made with quiklock fittings.

On the back rest, thigh braces and stern attachments for carrying gear (eg, bags / bike).

All packrafts can be made as the following: open boat , self bailer or cockpit/spraydeck and with the possibility to have a cargo fly added to the stern.

The cargo fly is something of a ingenious idea allow you to stuff your gear (through a dry zip) into the tubes which will keep your gear dry.

Aqua-Xtreme Alpha Packraft.

I wish I had had the cargo fly fitted prior to purchasing but it is something I will look fitting myself in the future.

All products are manufactured by Aqua Xtreme and not outsourced to China unlike many brands in the market today.

I’m really looking forward to using these pacrrafts to extend my adventures and develop new routes from previous adventures.

If you live local to me I will be hosting a packraft test paddle in North Suffolk over the next month or so if you fancy seeing what a Aqua Xtreme packraft can do for you.

Folding Kayaks

Aqua Xtreme also produce some amazing quality folding kayaks which are perfect to travel long distances. As it states on the tin the kayaks are foldable and come in there own carry bag.

With many designs to suit your every need you will find a foldable kayak for what every your leisure pursuit is whether you are after a touring kayak, recreational kayak for one person or two persons.

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