A rainy day hike in the forest.



a rainy day hike in the forestA rainy day hike in the forest.

The was for forecast rain and I wanted to try some new waterproof gear I had brought.

My next big trip will be back to Northern Sweden next June.

Heading out into the woods I was hoping to find some fungi but the rain had only really started so not enough time for the fungi to fruit.

Had a good walk and as it was a rainy day hike in the forest I got the tarp up to shelter.

Next visit hopefully there will be a few more fungi.  The previous visit I found loads of fungi.

a rainy day hike in the forestI was out in the woods around Dunwich in an area which borders the marshland from Walberswick to the North, the North sea by the East and whats left of the town on Dunwich to the South.

A lot of my post are filmed and photographed in and around the Forest of Dunwich.

I spend a good deal of my outdoor time here foraging, tapping birch and cooking.

In the Anglo-Saxon period, Dunwich was the capital of the Kingdom of the East Angles but the harbour and most of the town have since disappeared due to coastal erosion.

At its height it was an international port similar in size to 14th century London.  Its decline began in 1286 when a storm surge hit the East Anglian coast followed by a great storm in 1287,

Another great storm also in 1287 and also due to coastal erosion it was eventually reduced in size to the village it is today.

Dunwich is possibly connected with the lost Anglo-Saxon placename Dommoc.

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