Nikkaloukta to Abisko June 2019 Day 4.

Nikkaloukta to Abisko June 2019 Day 4. What a good decision it was to stop earlier the day before and setup just below Tjätkja Stugan.

We woke to beautiful weather with a amazing view looking down the valley towards Alesjaure.

Nikkaloukta to Abisko June 2019 Day 4.

Breakfast for myself was Easy Eggs and for Jared it was a combination of co-codamol and naproxen.

After eating breakfast the light and weather conditions where absolutely perfect to fly the DJI Spark.

So after flying the drone and packing up we started making our way down the valley North towards Alesjaure.

You could see down the valley that this section would start to get very wet.

I was glad that the inners of my Lundhags Sandra had dried.

I also had a fresh pair of DAKY waterproof socks and Armaskin anti blister socks which later would be needed.

Due to the amount of rivers, streams, brooks, becks, mud or whatever had the ability to hold water.

Taking our time as we had planned to get about 10km north of Alesjaure and camp we weren’t in a rush.

It didn’t take us long to reach Alesjaure and the beautiful crystal blue water of the lake. After lunch, re-supplied and started making out way further towards Abiskojaure.

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We got about 10km North of Alesjaure (our planned stop for the night).

We where in good pace and plenty of energy left we carried on until we reach just outside of Abisko national park.

Finally we arrived around 21:00 so setup, ate, finished the rum and got our heads down for the final day into Abisko (Midsommar).

Nikkaloukta to Abisko June 2019 Day 4.

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