Nikkaloukta to Abisko June 2019 Day 3.

Nikkaloukta to Abisko Trek June 2019 Day 3.

Nikkaloukta to Abisko Trek June 2019 Day 3. After a night of sleeping in a furnace as my counterpart decided to light the wood stove next to my bunk we woke to a pleasant morning at Sälka.

Nikkaloukta to Abisko June 2019

That would allow us to reach the snow covered Tjätkja pass before the snow had warmed and turned into slush.

The initial plan and reasoning for staying in the hut was so that we could pack away quickly early in the morning.

Real Turmat Outdoor Meals

After eating breakfast and sorting out a small blister on my Suffolk toe.

Even though I was wearing Armaskin anti blister socks I always get a blister on this toe due to a previous break which left the toe bent.

It was quite hard going as the snow was really soft even this early in the day.

Nikkaloukta to Abisko Trek June 2019 Day 3.

We decided to give the micro spikes ago that he had brought.

These offered good traction but didn’t stop us post holeing through the snow.

Snow shoes would have been perfect but I couldn’t justify carrying them all that way, to use on a short section of the walk.

Every now and then you would go waist deep and if you where lucky you would plunge into a brook below the snow.

After a few false summits we reached the top of the pass and took some time to relax and have some food.

Tjätkja Pass

Looking down the valley towards Alesjaure it was a complete snow field, this is when we realised that the worse was yet to come!

Nikkaloukta to Abisko Trek June 2019 Day 3.
Re-fueling at the top of the pass.

After re-fueling we started to follow the track made from previous walkers down the valley.

This track doesn’t really follow any trail it is sort of mixed between the summer and winter trail.

The snow really took it out of us and I was so glad to be wearing the Lundhags Vändra boots with the DAKY water proof socks.

These kept my feet dry through all the post holeing into brooks, rivers and mud below the snow.

After stopping for a while I decided to use one of my batteries flying the drone and got some amazing shots of the snow fields.

Nikkaloukta to Abisko Trek June 2019 Day 3.

We had reached Tjätkja Stugan this is the next huts where you can stay and it was here that we decided to slow our pace.

Nikkaloukta to Abisko Trek June 2019 Day 3.

We had plenty of time and my plan originally coming back to this area was to take my time and enjoy the scenery Instead of just watching where my feet go as we speed through.

So it was decided to head a little further down the valley, setup camp early and just relax and take in the beautiful scenery we where amongst.

The next morning we awoke to a beautiful view looking down the valley.

Day 4 to follow…

Nikkaloukta to Abisko Trek June 2019 Day 3.

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