The Secret Sauna at Bungay, on the River Waveney by packrafts and paddle boards.

The Secret Sauna. Now being an avid sauna user when a post popped up on facebook, showing a photo of this little sauna nestled amongst the willows next to the river It immediately grabbed my attention.

Secret Sauna.

The post was on the Facebook group East of England Paddlesports so I knew it had to be fairly local to me.

After further hunting, I found the facebook page for the sauna itself.

The sauna is called the Secret Sauna. Once you visit you will understand why.

The secret sauna is a wood-fired sauna cabin perched on the banks of the River Waveney, in Wainford which is close to Bungay, Suffolk on the Suffolk and Norfolk border.

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Bike Rafting with the Alpacka Caribou. Opening doors to adventure.

Opening doors to adventure by Bike Rafting with the Alpacka Caribou.

Bike Rafting with the Alpacka Caribou! it’s what it was designed for.

I’d never heard of this as an adventure and wasn’t to sure whether it was my thing.

After giving it ago I can really see the advantages and it has also made me see just how much I need a packraft in my life!

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Subscriber Giveaway

I’m doing a subscriber giveaway. I started a YouTube channel as many people have said I should and although at first I was vary wary about it as I’m not that sort of in front of the camera guy, i’m actually quite enjoying it and love filmmaking.

My channel is here:

I’m filming my micro adventures, fishing trips, hiking trips, day hikes, gear reviews.

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Tapping Birch Trees in the Spring.

Its that time of the year when for tapping birch trees. 

Winter is trying to release its grip on Northern Europe, with the odd slip of a frost and recently a lot of rain coming of the land and flooding the river valleys.  

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