Camp cooking

One of my favourite things whilst out in open is camp cooking. I have many different methods, coolers and recipes that I like to use but my favourite item to cook in is a Dutch oven.
No depending on where I am I sometime use the Dutch oven on top of my frontier stove but of course if I’m hiking I’m not going to carry all of this.
I’m quite lucky as I have use of a piece of land that I can drive to so I can get my hammock up and get the Dutch oven cooking.
The great thing about a Dutch oven is the ability to turn the lid over to fry breakfast or bake bannock on it.
This night was a quick “I’ll go camping tonight” so packed a few things grabbed a bag of organic lamb mince from fridge, a few veg, some beer, bacon and sausages and if I headed to this piece of land I can use. This was also the first time hammock camping with the dog.
I got the hammock and tarp up then set to getting a fire kit and started to make tea which was going to be lamb meatball stew.
Roughly cutting veg and making the meatballs using rosemary, egg, breadcrumbs and a little salt and pepper I rolled the meat balls and dropped them into the pot consisting of veg and stock.
Letting it summer for an hour I started in my Polish beers I had brought.

Food was great so me and the dog shared it then sat by the fire for a while then got into hammock which wasn’t easy with her moving around all the time but finally she settled.
The night was cold there was a frost in the morning. I had been using my dd frontline hammock with under blanket and quilt and I was perfectly warm especially with the dog.

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