X1 Packraft by Aqua-Xtreme | Test Paddle on the River Waveney.

The X1 packraft from Aqua-Xtreme is an absolutely brilliant packraft in many ways.

aqua extreme X1 packraft

The main two points that makes the X1 stick out is that it is half the price compared to other high end packrafts and secondly, the quality and durability matches the high priced packrafts on the market.

The X1 packraft is perfect to extend your adventures and tackle areas from a different aspect.

Packrafting will open so many doors to different adventures. Whether you are visiting areas that you regularly go to or if your trying something different like bike rafting.

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Alpacka Caribou Packraft opening doors to adventure.

I have been sent this Alpacka Caribou Packraft from Packraft Europe to test and review and I have become completely fixated and fell in love with it.

Alpacka Caribou Packraft
Alpacka Caribou Packraft being used to explore a small waterway

I wasn’t sure what to expect as I don’t have any experience with these packable boats. After a couple of sessions paddling it I’ve realised just how many opportunities packrafts can give you.

They really do open up so many doors of adventure. Whether it is helping negotiating a river on a multi day hike, fishing or exploring areas with very difficult access.

I plan to use this to explore some local rivers hardly ever paddled combined day and overnight hikes.

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The Armaskin Always Dry Base Layer Review.

I’ve had this Armaskin always dry base layer for a while. Due to the Covid-19 Lockdown I haven’t had the chance to try it out until now.

First thing to mention when hiking long distances I like a base layer that is tight firstly to stop any chaffing especially if you’re carrying a heavy load for a distance.

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