DAKY SubZero Waterproof Socks

I came across this DAKY SubZero Waterproof Socks on instagram and after a little research on there website I thought these might be good to wear with the Armaskin anti blister socks in a pair of trail runners.

Waterproof Socks Review

Why was I thinking this?

Heading to Northern Sweden this June to walk from Nikkaluokta to Abisko it is going to be really wet and in some areas we will have to deal with Spring snow.

After watching a couple of videos on YouTube of people who have done this route at this time of the year it seems that I was correct it is wet, muddy and areas of snow.

So I thought a set of trail runners, would be good but I had this thought of feet being really cold.

I really rate the Armaskin anti blister socks for 100% blister free feet. I have done a review on YouTube on them.

YouTube Review

The next thing to think about was dry feet.

Wearing a set of Scarpa leather boots I can see them getting really wet and after a while not comfortable.

One person resulted to wearing ziplock bags over her feet but your feet won’t breathe like this. I’ve been thinking about waterproof socks for a while so now was the chance to trial them.

The DAKY SubZero Waterproof socks arrived and looked decent enough warm, mid calf so all I needed was a day to head out and try them in some harsh conditions.


The DAKY SubZero Waterproof Socks incorporate a 3-layer technology allowing your feet to enjoy freedom of movement yet are wind and waterproof while still being highly breathable.

DAKY Sub Zero Waterproof Socks

These socks feature:

  • Non-slip grip technology on the sole
  • Grey & Black colour
  • A washable cloth travel bag comes as standard with each pair of socks
  • The Outer Shell is 95% Abrasion resistant nylon, 3% Elastane, 2% Spandex .
  • The Interlining is a high-performance lightweight membrane. 100% waterproof and breathable
  • Inner sock is a soft thermal antibacterial layer. 38% coolmax, 38% cotton, 20% nylon & 4% spandex

But how would they work with the Armaskin? Would they allow the Armaskin still to breathe? It was time to find out.

They kept my feet warm through mud, water, bog and general filth over 18km.

Sizing wise: I order a large pair of DAKY SubZero Waterproof Socks suitable for UK 9 – 11 or EU 43 – 46 and they where a little too big for my feet. The still fitted but not as snug as I would have wanted them.

In a nutshell they allowed my feet to breathe within the Armaskin anti-blister socks, my feet where a little sticky but I don’t think anymore than wearing them under a pair of merino wool socks.

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