Mod for the Polish Army Lavvu (Sauna)

I been thinking about this mod for the Polish Army Lavvu (Sauna) for a while now and finally found the time to give it ago.

Mod for the Polish Army Lavvu  (Sauna)
Frontier Stove

The only issue is that the Polish Army Lavvu isn’t really big enough for more than one person to be sitting in it when using the Frontier Stove as the heater.

The idea came from a video I saw of a sauna tent and I thought to myself that I could probably find a way to turn my Lavvu into one.

The first idea was just to have 2 large flat stones on the top of the stove but then the water running off the stones would cause the stove to rust.

So the idea I came up with was to use a aluminium roasting tray to hold the rocks in.

Heres the video.

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