Micro Adventure Hiking Sniezka.

Micro Adventure Hiking Sniezka, With the children away on winter camp (fairly close to where we where staying) we had a few days to get some walking in.

Hiking up Sniezka.
From the Czech Republic
to the Polish Border.

As we where staying very close to the Czech border the first adventure was to walk up to the top of Sniezka. I have written about micro adventures before and this Micro Adventure was Hiking up Sniezka.

We crossed the border at Labawka and drove to Pec Pod Snieskou. The initial plan was to take the cable care up to the top but due to the strong wind the 2nd car was non operational which in a way was better.

The cable care took us up to Růžová hora and we walked up to the top of Sniezka at 1603m.

The weather was good and initially we where walking through scantly rooted firs.

The ground condition was good as we had hit the snow early in the morning but microspikes where needed for a good grip.

The walk up wasn’t to bad, but the was a steep incline at the last section.

Micro Adventure Hiking Sniezka.
Walking up through the trees.

There where many people following the same route and it always amazes me what people will go out walking in.

Then wonder how they do themselves in by swiping over in jeans and really unsuitable shoes.


I was wearing some new clothing from Revolution Race.

Starting off with the base layer (sneaky balaclava), Trekker Fleece & Zip Up Pants which all where perfect for these conditions.

There a link here to most of the gear I use when out and about.

After reaching the top od Sniezka which borders Czech Republic one side and Poland we started our walk back down.

As the sun was on the Czech face the snow had turned in to what I call Spring snow (where the top is mushy).

I used to love snowboarding off piste on this, the micro spikes where really useful and stopped us from slipping.

Dinner Time.

As we hit the tree line we stopped off where I use the Swiss Army Vocano Stove to heat some water.

Then rehydrate the Summit To Eat freeze dried meals we had brought with us.

Ive been using these freeze dried meals for a while now and really rate them. I have been reviewing each item and so far they have all been really good. They are lightweight, they don’t need much water, good energy levels and most importantly really tasty.

We continued our walk down and had to have a go on the roller coaster in town before heading back across the border into Poland.

Hiking Sniezka from the Czech side wasn’t really arduous but the correct clothing and footwear is a must.

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