In search for the World War 2 Bunker.

A day in search for the World War 2 Bunker.

n search for the World War 2 Bunker.

I was visiting a patient whilst at work the other night and as you get talking and as we call it do a global overview of his house you get an idea of what sort of person, life history and lifestyle this person has.

I noticed loads of war memorabilia in his room and after deeming the patient not needing transport to hospital we get talking.

So he has a huge interest in items left strewn across the country from World War 2 we get talking and he mentions a underground bunker in the woods in an area I visit regularly.

He pulls out a map and I take a photo of the area as to locate it on view ranger so I can go hunting for it.

With good weather forecast I head out with my day pack and drone In search for the World War 2 Bunker.

I know the area well and use it for many of my videos and blog posts but haven’t visited this exact area before. So I follow the cliff South and pull out the photo of the map taken and compare to my mobile OS map.

It is at this point the I realise the difference in his map and my map due to the coastal erosion and locating this isn’t going to be easy. I was told to look for a mound of earth.

I had a walk around but could locate anything around the area I had thought it would be.

Looking at his map there was 1 landmark I could use which was a pill box so I went to this are and located this. This then gave me 1 landmark to use and comparing this to the tracks marked on the map I started to look.

The tracks where still there but not used and you could just see them through the sea of Bluebells.

I came up this one track expecting it to be on the left and I noticed something on my right.

Finally found it!

The first thing I noticed was the bricks of the walls for the stairs down.

I walked around the front and could see three sets of windows at ground level.

Entering the bunker it was dry and had three rooms to my left. The first room didn’t hold anything apart from the remnants of an old fire place but the second still had the fire place in situ. The third room was very small with nothing inside.

Above the entrance someone had bribed some words into the cement.

What does this acronym mean?

The only words I could understand was WAP, ER, FORT and some initials. After a little research on the internet I couldn’t find anything about this bunker and the only acronym I could find from the 2nd World War for WAP was Western Air Plan.

So if anyone can shed some light on the meanings please comment below.

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