Fjern Aktiv down jacket review.

Fjern Aktiv down jacket review. I’ve known about Fjern for a nearly 2 years now. They first popped up on my instagram when I was in the market for a new waterproof layer.

So I followed the link from there website to Sport Pursuit where I purchased the Orkan waterproof jacket.

I was and still am really impressed with the Orkan (see review of jacket).

My view on the outdoors connects to the ethos Fjern have.

The word Fjern is Norwegian and means remote. This really shows in the design, functionality and quality of their products.

With a strong belief in the Nordic mind set – that the outdoors is there to be enjoyed by everyone whatever the weather.

This mindset really works with my belief. There are two types of people those who feel the rain and those that just get wet!

I was approached if I would like to try one of there jackets. After a couple of days a parcel arrived with the Aktiv down fleece inside.

The Aktiv down jacket is an incredibly versatile insulated layer, constructed with a lofty 700 fill power down, yet lightweight and packable.

fjern active down jacket
Fjern Aktiv down jacket on trial.

I haven’t used it yet in really cold conditions but it seems compact enough to use as part of a layering system.

Fjern Aktiv down jacket review.

The AKTIV is designed to provide you with an extra layer of warm whatever you are doing.

It is lightweight (the XL weighs 153gm) and can be packed into the righthand pocket to be stored in your bag and used when needed.

What I really like about the Fjern Aktiv down jacket.

The hood; this is amazing really well insulated and the drawstrings allow for the hood to be drawn really tight to your head.

One thing on the drawstrings, these are a bit fiddly to loosen and looking at the Arktis II, Fjern have taken this onboard.

All in all as a warm layer it’s a fantastic jacket and one that I really recommend.

I normally wear an off the shelf XL and this XL still had plenty of space. When moving arms it’s not riding up or when bending down my back didn’t become exposed.

Visit Fjern on the web.

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