The Anevay Horizon Stove Review

Anevay Horizon Stove Review. So this rocket stove turned up in the post the other by Anevay.

Horizon Stove by

The Anevay Horizon stove is based on the simple principles of a rocket stove but has been designed to use in many outdoor environments.

Anevay is based in Cornwall and produces some fantastic stoves such as the frontier stove. So when I had the chance to test out this stove I jumped at the chance.

How a rocket stove works?

The combustion air is forced into the burning chamber in two layers.

The first layer of combustion air partially burns the fuel to create a gas.

The second layer of combustion air combusts the smoke to produce a clean hot flame.

The Horizon stove is portable and eco-friendly and a great stove to cook on.


The stove is fairly lightweight at 1.8kg but not very portable as it is a large stove.

Anevay have designed a carry bag for this stove to make it easier carrying.

Once lit it gasifies to give a really efficient burn, meaning super-low carbon emissions and a very efficient stove that runs on just a handful of fuel.

Anevay Horizon Stove Review

The design means the Horizon can support very large pots and pans, so you can cook for large groups of people.

Cooking on this type of stove means that it is suitable for one pot meals.

Meals like Chilli, Stew and Paella are perfect meals to cook on the horizon stove.

Using the Anevay Horizon Stove.

The stove is very stable and really works well on the beach. As mentioned it can handle really large pots and due to the size of the stove it will support large pans on a pebble beach.

The cage around the stove is there to protect the thin stainless steel of the stove and also allows you to pick up the stove even whilst really hot.

Lighting the Anevay Horizon Stove

Using the bag of supplied fuel that came with the stove it was really easy to get a good heat to cook off.

The one thing I will mention is as the stove is so efficient it really burn well and get hot very quickly. I did notice that the stove was too hot to cook off and had I had to allow it to settle down before cooking.

Cooking on the Anevay Horizon Stove

Anevay Horizon Stove Review

The stove can take a big pan but due to the design the main heat will be in the centre of the pan as the heat is not deflected to the edge of the pan rest so you will need to regularly stir your food as not to burn it.

I chose to cook a simple one pot meal of Paella which was perfect and as I was on the beach on a sunny day this was a real good choice.

Pro’s and Con’s


Fuel efficient


Can be picked up whilst hot

Lightweight and robust at just 1.8kg


Centralised heat (not displaced to outer edges of large pan).

Large & Cumbersome to carry (but carry bag available)

Anevay Horizon Stove Review

Would I use this stove? yes definitely, I really enjoyed cooking on this stove as it is so fuel efficient and really perfectly suite for cooking on the beach where I spend a lot of my time. Yes I said it was cumbersome but with the carry bag or just putting up with carrying it in your hand its not a real chore to carry.

Anevay Horizon Stove retails at £79.00 from

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