Real Turmat Outdoor Meals

Real Turmat Outdoor Meals are the best freeze dried meals I have come across. They are really tasty and pack a load of energy.

So if you are day hiking, wild camping, canoeing or fishing these are perfect in every way.

Real Turmat Outdoor Meals

For your outdoor experiences.

I’m so excited to be accepted as a brand ambassador for Real Turmat.

Real Turmat Outdoor Meals

The first time I came across Real Turmat Outdoor Meals was when I participated in the Fjallraven Classic in 2017. These meals where supplied by Fjallraven as your food whilst taking part in the 110km hike from Nikkaluokta to Abisko.

Real Turmat and Real on the go are produced by a Norwegian company called DRYTEC and help create millions of memories and fuel thousands of adventures every year.

Thanks to an idea that Rolf Hansen (the founder of DRYTEC) had whilst standing in a doorway thinking how could he preserve his wife’s wonderful cooking.

In 1989, in the doorway of their very home, the idea of Real Turmat Outdoor Meals was born.

Real Turmat Outdoor Meals

From that afternoon the science of freeze drying was reinvented where gently slow cooking, quick freezing and a slow but sure increase in temperature in a way that neither taste, colour, energy nor vital vitamins gets the chance to escape.

Then when the meals are rehydrated the flavour, energy and taste are all still there and still there’s is the same texture when you bite into a bit of fish, meat or vegetable as if it was cooked fresh.

Real Turmat meals cover everything you need for a high energy intake throughout the day.

Real Turmat Outdoor Meals Breakfast.

Real Turmat Outdoor Meals

Breakfast: which the most important meal of the day. These tasty meals give you a good start to the day.

They don’t even need hot water to eat but personally I prefer them with hot water.

The two choices are Fruit Muesli or Chocolate Muesli with around 1800kj of energy in each packet. Each pouch weighs around 130g and 350g prepared.

Real Turmat Outdoor Meals Lunch

Real Turmat Outdoor Meals

Soup: These soups are are perfect before or after activity. The great thing about a soup is it’s easy to digest so you can refuel and carry on without feeling bloated or full. Great to be used as a between meal snack and on shorter hikes.

There are two flavours: Meat Soup and Bidos (Bidos is a Sami dish made with Reindeer meat). Each soup contains around 1000kj of energy.

Real Turmat Outdoor MealsMain Meals.

Here you can taste classic traditional Norwegian stews made of lamb, reindeer or cod. and well known international stews made of beef or chicken.

With 17 different casseroles there is always something new to try or always something that will suit your tastebuds. These are high in energy with each stew holding between 2000 – 2700kj of energy (depending on which meal you have). Personally the Cod in curry sauce is one of my favourites.

Real Turmat outdoor Meals available:

Real Turmat Outdoor Meals
Beef Stew, Beef & Potato, Pasta Bolognaise, Chicken Curry, Beef Stew with Broccoli, Chilli Con Carne, Pulled Pork with Rice, Reindeer Stew Creamy Past with Pork, Creamy Salmon and Pasta, Lamb Stew, Kebab Stew, Tikka Masala, Couscous & Lentils, Chicken & Lime, Pork Sweet & Sour, Chilli Stew with Beans.

Real Turmat outdoors meals.

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