Breakfast in the forest using a Frontier Stove

Mod for the Polish Army Lavvu (Sauna)

An off the hoof decision meant we where heading out for Breakfast in the forest using a Frontier Stove yesterday.

breakfast using the frontier stoveI had planned to head into the woods to do some foraging for fungi as it had been quite foggy and had been raining for two day anyway but when a friend contacted me we decided to head into the forest for a fry up.

Down to the Forest

When we arrived at the location I had realised I had my frontier stove in the back of the car so we decided to carry that down into the birch and use that to cook breakfast off.

Breakfast in the forest using a Frontier Stove
Frontier Stove by

As mentioned in a previous post I’ve had this stove made by Anevay for over 8 years and love cooking of it.

The only downfall is its heavy to carry along way but sharing the load we dragged it into the forest.

We ended up in a secluded area of birch and pine where we started to prepare for our breakfast.

Firstly my friend needed to hang his Basha to dry so he set this up and I showed him some methods I use to hang a tarp.

He realised the benefit of using a 3m x 3m tarp compared to a Basha.

I have 2 tarps both made by DD Hammocks a super light and a normal both 3m x 3m.  I really like using a tarp as there is so many different configurations you can use depending on environment and weather.

Once setup and firewood collected I started a fire using birchbark, piece of flint and a steel striker.

It take a little while to get this stove up to heat but after 15 minutes it was hot enough to place the pans and the eagle kettle on to start cooking and heating water for a brew.

Using a skillet, frying pan and the camp kettle we cooked up breakfast and brewed some coffee.

We sat eating and chilling listening to the deer rutting in the marsh behinds us for the middle of october it was still really warm as we where both sitting in t-shirts.

Any Fungi?

I didn’t find many fungi just one lonely Bay Bolete but loads of Amantia Muscara around.

Slight downfall was the welds on the stoves door had finally given way but after eight years of use I’m not complaining.

betweenthetrees.xyzOn another note I have started uploading more weekly videos to my youtube channel so please take a look, comment, like and subscribe see what you think and let me know.

Cooking alfresco with the frontier stove

Cooking alfresco with the frontier stove.  After a busy couple of days at work, the family away for the summer and extremely hot weather I decided to combine dog walking, swimming and evening meal all together.

I had decided on a evening cooking alfresco with the frontier stove.  I had to carry my frontier Stove down to a very secluded beach near me and have an evening on the beach.

The walk from the church at Covehithe takes about 20 minutes.


The Frontier Stove isn’t lightweight but the journey wasn’t to bad because of the carry bag the stove is in.

I arrived on a very desolate beach, set up the stove, gathered some firewood as there’s plenty about because of the trees being washed onto the beach due to the coastal erosion then the dog and I had a swim.

Using a primitive method to light a fire the stove was soon fired up.

After the dog and I had a swim it was time to get the evening meal on.

Meal consisted of a huge piece of sirloin, king prawns, onions, garlic butter and Stilton to ooze over top of the steak.

I like using primitive methods I know there are easier methods but there’s something therapeutic about lighting a fire using flint and steel.






Place a knob of butter into a pan and cut a white onion in half and allow it to sweat. Break into pieces on its own over a fairly low heat for a good while.

Place the steak in the pan and cook one side to your liking (I like my steaks blue) flip it over.   Add prawns and garlic butter and lay Stilton on top of the steak.

cooking alfresco with the frontier stove


Once the under side of your steak is cooked to your liking, you can remove and serve.

Make sure you have a plate big enough unlike me as I had to eat out of the pan.

Serve with your favourite beer. I tried an oatmeal stout which went down really well.

Take your stove and head to the beach and have ago at cooking alfresco with the frontier stove.

cooking alfresco with the frontier stove
Stove is made by