How to Dry Cure and Hot Smoke Bacon

I’ve been planning to put together a how to dry cure and hot smoke bacon video for a good while know but never got around to it.

How to Dry Cure and Hot Smoke Bacon

I’ve been hot smoking and cold smoking various things, from cheese, fish and meats for a while now.

The hot smoker I use came from Amazon and only cost around £30.00 and is a great bit of kit that you can use at home or if your outside for a days picnic with not to far to walk.

The only difference with this video is i’m creating the heat using the Anevay Frontier stove.

Dry curing bacon is really easy and simple to do it just takes time to cure and then to dry the meat before smoking.

It is relatively safe as long as you stick to the curing method and amounts required from the calculator when creating the cure.

Please give it ago any questions please add in the comment on this post or on the youtube video.

How to Dry Cure and Hot Smoke Bacon

Items needed:

  • Belly pork (the mount is up to you, the piece I brought here is about 688gm. I have asked the butcher to remove the skin, but it can be cured and smoked skin on. Personally I think the flavour get better into the meat if the skin is off.
  • Sugar (I have replaced some of the sugar with maple syrup just remember that only 65% of maple syrup is sugar so you need to up the amount of syrup you are adding.
  • Salt (kosher / rock salt).
  • Prague powder (curing salt)
  • Scales
  • Bacon Calculator
  • Clingfilm ( Vacuum sealer optional)
  • Hot Smoker
  • 3 – 4 days curing and 2 – 3 days drying


The method on How to Dry Cure and Hot Smoke Bacon is in the video below:

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