FJERN Vandring Stretch Fleece Hoodie Review.

I was sent this Fjern Vandring stretch fleece hoodie the end of last year. I have been wearing it for a good while and as I sit here typing this I have the item on.

First thing I can say about this fleece hoodie is the manoeuvrability in it the 4 way stretch really works well.

So after wearing this fleece for a few months I can safely say I am able to review this product and it gets a 100% thumbs up from me. It’s comfy, warm and a great fleece to use as part of a layering system.

I’d definitely recommend this item as part of your clothing for a multi day hike or throw it in your bag during the summer months to keep you warm when stopping to refuel.

Fjern Vandring stretch fleece hoodie

The word Vandring means Hiking in Swedish.

You could compare it to the Keb fleece by Fjallraven but personally for me it beats the Web fleece in many ways.

Plus Points.

  1. It is warmer, it is figure hugging so acts really well as part of your layering system.
  2. There’s really good manoeuvrability in it
  3. 2 x waist pockets (compared to 1 x chest pocket on the Web).
  4. Extremely breathable.
  5. Thumb loops
  6. Large hood to encompass a helmet or beanie.
  7. You don’t need a bank loan to purchase it.
Fjern Vandring stretch fleece hoodie in Teal / Orange.

The Fjern Vandring stretch fleece hoodie is a mid-weight technical fleece hoodie that is really good at retaining heat and has a extremely flexible fit.

Some thought has gone into the design to include thumb loops to keep your hands warm, corded zip pulls for easy manoeuvrability when wearing gloves, adjustable corded hem to pull the fleece tight around the waist and a form fitting hood that works under a helmet or over a beanie.

Fjern Vandring Fleece Hoodie.

The only point I can say about this fleece is a chest pocket would have been good as its easier to access a chest pocket than a waist pocket when you are all zipped up.

The Fjern Vandring stretch fleece hoodie is currently available in 4 colours: Rust / Orange, Pine / Green, Navy / Rust and Teal / Orange.

This item can be purchased from Sport Pursuit currently with a 53% discount at £39.99

2 Replies to “FJERN Vandring Stretch Fleece Hoodie Review.”

  1. After reading your review I’ve purchased one of these for myself and my husband. Thanks and I’m looking to purchase the belay jacket from Fjern. Have you tried this?

    1. Thanks. I’m sure you’ll live wearing the Vandring. Sorry I haven’t tried the belay jacket yet.

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