Omnia stove top oven recipes. | Easy Outdoor Meals.

Omnia Oven Recipes.

Here’s a few Omnia stove top oven recipes. I absolutely love this little item. I’ve used this Omnia Oven now 2 times and both times i’ve created 2 wonderful meals.

omnia oven recipes

This is a piece of kit that I highly recommend whether your heading on the beach for a meal, camping, hiking, heading out in t your camper van or living full-time in your van.

The Omnia oven can be purchased from Amazon or in the U.K. from the Brown Bird Company.

I will add recipes to this post so keep looking back.

The Omnia Oven is designed to sit on top of a heat source like a gas cooker. Having this lightweight oven will really increase the type of food you are preparing to make you enjoy your adventures more.

Whether it’s baking bread in the wild, baking fresh caught fish or out in the woods baking muffins with the children.

These Omnia stove top oven recipes are easy to make, limiting the amount of things you need to prepare the meals and i’ve tried to make them one pot meals as much as I can.

How to make Kedgeree on the Omnia Oven.

How to make Bobotie on the Omnia Oven.

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