Outdoor Meal Review: Real Turmat

Outdoor Meal Review: Real Turmat Beef stew with broccoli.

As mentioned before I first came across Real Turmat meals whilst participating in the Fjallraven Classic in Northern Sweden in 2017.

Real Turmat Outdoor Meals

This is the first review of many of their different types of dehydrated outdoor meals.

Outdoor Meal Review: Real Turmat Beef Stew with broccoli.

( Oksegryte med broccoli )

I thought this was going to be quite heavy to eat but to my surprise it wasn’t at all. It comes in the standard Real Turmat vacuum packed pouch weighing 145g and when rehydrated it give 500g of prepared food.

The stew itself mainly consists of Beef, Rice and Broccoli give a balanced nutritional and high energy meal.

Allergies: Gluten

(Lactose & Milk Free).


Rice (37%), bell pepper (16%), beef (beef (84%), potato starch, stabilizer (E450, E451), salt, antioxidant (rosemary flavouring)) (12%), onion (11%), wheat flour, rapeseed oil, champignon (4.4%), meat bouillon (yeast extract, maltodextrin, salt, rapeseed oil, meat extract, brown sugar, onion), seasoning, burnt sugar (caramel, maltodextrin), antioxidant (ascorbic acid).

Real turmat review

As with all of the vacuum packed pouches I generally open the pouch and push the pouch inwards from both sides at the bottom to loosen the freeze-dried food (this allows for the boiling water to mix with ALL of the food once added).

Boil water and fill to the fill line, reseal and leave for around 8 minutes.

Once the food is ready to eat you tear the second tear line on the pouch making the pouch shorter which means you are not struggling to get it all with a normal sized spork / spoon.

I really enjoyed this meal and found it to taste really meaty and as mentioned earlier it wasn’t to heavy.

Real On The Go Beef Snacks.

Real Turmat have such a wide variety of flavours suiting all tastes and dietary requirements. Have a look at the vegetarian options and soon to be released their vegan meals.

If you’re looking for a quick snack which doesn’t involve heating water and one that you can keep ‘on the go’ with then have a look at REAL ON THE GO whether its an energy bar, beef snacks or an energy drink these on the go snacks will keep your energy levels up for you to continue making memories.

If you’re looking to purchase these products in the U.K. Please visit Real Turmats authorised dealer Basecamp food.

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  1. Hi makers or Turmat. Please take the time to watch a YouTube upload of The Outdoor Review presented by Luke & Suzy
    Luke raves about your meals ! He says your the Best!
    50,000 Subscribers so why don’t you give him some samples 😁

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