A walk in the woods.

Just finished a set of day shifts and fancied a walk out in the woods. Thought I’d go and have a look to see if any mushrooms where up and stop somewhere for a coffee so I took my lk35 bag with a few bits in it.
I had packed my Swiss army stove, kuksa, piece of fat wood and I wanted to try my new Sami knife (puuko) out.
Grabbed the dog and off we went. When I got to one of my mushroom picking areas straight way I noticed that it was going to be to dry for mushrooms but I thought I’d have a look anyway and as I thought nothing about so went exploring as I wanted some new areas.
My main area I don’t think will be any good this year as a lot of trees have been felled as Dunwich is a working forest and my main area has been completely cleared.
I walked through my trail which connect Minsmere to Dunwich Heath and stopped of in an area out of the way to fire up the stove and make a brew.

I had brought the Swiss army stove which is a real versatile little stove for something like brewing coffee.
Using my new knife I carved if some fat wood shavings and a fairly thick piece, gathered some small twigs and using my fire steel and a pice of char cloth got a small fire going in the stove and put the cup on with a coffee bag to brew. Now I only use the amount of water needed for one kuksa so pouring the water from the canteen into the kuksa and then into the cup I had just the right amount for a strong coffee.
Coffee drunk, cleared area so no sign I was there and if we go back to the car and home we go.
Need to wait a few weeks and hope for some rain before going out looking for mushrooms again.

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