Revolution Race Silence Proshell Jacket Review

Revolution Race Silence Proshell

So the Revolution Race Silence Proshell Jacket arrived last week. I love it when a parcel from Revolution Race turns up at my door.

I had been using the Fjern Okran as my waterproof layer even thought the Okran is a great waterproof layer I wanted to try this jacket as is was more suitable for my size.

I found with the Okran that its low cut would find the jacket riding up my back when bending over.

So the jacket arrived and out I went with the dog to give a trial before walking in Scotland this August.

I chose an XXL, Mens in Rust / Black.

Revolution Race Silence Proshell

Revolution Race Silence Proshell Jacket Review

The Revolution Race Silence Proshell is a fully taped 3-layer jacket with 4-way stretch fabric.

The taped seams makes the jacket substantially waterproof ( I have yet to try this jacket in heavy rain the waterproof membrane is WP 15 000mm, 8 000g/m2/24h.

I have a sneaky suspicion that it will not be as waterproof as I require (will update as soon as tested).

The fabric is 100% polyester stretch which has a Waterproof rating of 15.000mm and a breathability of 8.000g/m2/24h.

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The style is an athletic fit so you should purchase your normal size.

I have a XXL but think I could have fitted into an XL (183cm tall 97KG).

Personally I have found that a normal fit doesn’t cater for increased layers in a cold environment.


The jacket has ventilation zippers under the arms, 2 x Flank pocket, 2 x Chest pockets and an internal pocket.

(The website states that items that need to be kept dry should be placed in inner pocket).

Revolution Race Silence Proshell Jacket Review

The main and chest pockets are closed using waterproof zips.

The flank pockets and ventilation zips are non waterproof zips with a fabric cover.

Silence Proshell is a jacket you can use in all kinds of outdoor activities. The Silence ProShell jacket is now updated with new improved material and waterproof YKK zippers.


The hood is large enough to wear a helmet underneath and full adjustable in depth and height.

Weighing 650g it isn’t the lightest rainshell but as an overall outdoor jacket (hiking, skiing, horse riding etc) it is well made and seems very durable.

When researching this item there is a great deal of good feedback on the revolution race website.

But not a great deal on the internet and the only youtube video I could find was one where the person was complaining that the fabric was piling.

Reading the replies to this video the design has been changed and since this issue Revolution Race have updated the fabric to stop this from happening.

All in all it was comfortable, didn’t ride up my back, good movability, fully adjustable for that perfect fit.


It is also fairly lightweight and suitable for most outdoor activities.

I look forward to testing in heavy rain and will update as soon as this is done (video review soon).

The great thing about purchasing from Revolution Race is that you don’t have to pay for the item as you checkout.

You can select Klarna who will look after the payment and you have 14 days to pay for the item from checkout.

This is a great option if you want to try the size of the item before committing to the purchase.

All return slips are sent with the product and info how to send the items back.

Visit Revolution Race for more information on this jacket.

3 Replies to “Revolution Race Silence Proshell Jacket Review”

  1. Hi,
    Thanks for the review:)

    Now that you have had the jacket for a bit longer, how do you like it?

    Regards Anders

    1. It’s great. I really like it. It’s a shame it’s not 100% waterproof but wears very well and is perfect for many aspects of outdoor activities.

      The cyclone jacket is my next to try and review I think.

      Your clothing is fantastic and I have recently added a pair of twisted jeans to my collection.

      The gPx pro pants are so far my favourite.

      Thank for contacting and keep up the good work and I make sure that I continue to profile your products to all of my followers on all my platforms.

      I am visiting the south of Sweden in June and hope to be producing a few more review videos then.

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