Fjallraven Polar.

Fjallraven Polar.

Ive wanted to apply for the Fjallraven Polar for a few years now but always held back thinking I wouldn’t have a chance.

Being outdoors is more to me than just visiting a beautiful place or a photo that gets lots of likes.

Fjallraven Polar

It gives me the chance to reflect and the immersion in nature allows me to forget about the materialistic world that man has created.

Nature truly has a healing ability.

Many people have a bucket list but how many people think of this as a goal compared to non-achievable dreams.

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Fjern Aktiv down jacket review.

Fjern Aktiv down jacket review. I’ve known about Fjern for a nearly 2 years now. They first popped up on my instagram when I was in the market for a new waterproof layer.

So I followed the link from there website to Sport Pursuit where I purchased the Orkan waterproof jacket.

I was and still am really impressed with the Orkan (see review of jacket).

My view on the outdoors connects to the ethos Fjern have.

The word Fjern is Norwegian and means remote. This really shows in the design, functionality and quality of their products.

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