Power storage outdoors

Power storage outdoors
Porta-Pow Solar Charger opened on the back of my 50l bag.

Power storage outdoors.

So many people are taking powered devices with them when they head for the hills nowadays.

Whether the device is for navigation? Photos, videos or something else they mostly are power hungry so if you are out for a while they will need recharging.

A smartphone is a great companion when out as it can cover nearly all aspects of many devices.

It can be your map, gps, camera, video camera and obviously emergency contact (if in range).

But they all need a recharge at some point and having a Power storage outdoors is a must.

With the increase of drones being used for filming its either a case of increasing your pack weight by carrying portable power or carrying something to recharge enroute.

Battery Packs

I’ve tried a few options  for portable power and the best setup I have found is a 22400 mAh battery pack and a small solar charger.

Power storage outdoorsThe battery pack in itself isn’t light but it can fully charge a iPhone 7 times and if you have you smartphone on low power mode it won’t need charging fully everyday.

This is a great way to have a Power storage outdoors.  I use this battery pack for up to 4 days hiking.  This will charge phone and a few camera batteries.



Other things to save power consumption on your smart phone:

  • Turn off WiFi & Bluetooth if not needed
  • Put device into airplane mode if you don’t need to receive calls
  • Turn brightness down on the screen
  • Make sure no apps are running in the background.
  • Purchase a battery pack cover for smartphone
Extend your battery by using a battery case.

Solar Chargers

Now, as battery packs there are many different solar chargers from the small solar chargers that will trickle charge a battery pack to the larger panels that will be able to recharge a battery pack or a device (depending on the weather).

The panel I use is from a company called ‘PORTAPOW’.

It has Two voltage regulated USB output sockets with SmartCharge technology to charge the latest smartphones and tablets from Apple, Samsung, HTC, Nokia etc directly at high speed.

PORTAPOW solar panel.

It weighs 310g / 0.7 lbs and a compact 23cm x 16cm x 2cm when closed (smaller footprint than an iPad) or 23cm x 32cm x 1cm when open – making it significantly smaller than other solar panels with similar power.

Flexible 22% efficiency PET laminated monocrystalline panels woven into a tough waterproofed polyester fabric case making it suitable for use in the rain, a pocket on the back keeps the USB sockets protected.

Folds shut with hidden magnetic clasps for storage.

8 mounting loops around the panel to attach it to a backpack, bicycle, etc.

The pocket is large enough to store a smartphone during charging.

The built-in stand lets you angle the panel towards the Sun and keeps the panel clean and off the ground.

Angling a solar panel correctly can have a huge impact on the energy captured.

I have found that this panel will directly charge my iPhone or camera but I find it is best to have the panel recharging the battery pack constantly and have to device plugged into the battery pack to charge to keep your Power storage outdoors.

Even on a cloudy day there is enough power to recharge either my camera battery or iPhone.

One other point is not to reply solely on a electronic devices especially for navigation or emergency assistance as devices can fail leading to no power or if they take a tumble or get wet always have a backup method of summoning assistance like leaving a copy of your route with a check in time or using a GPS tracker.

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