Micro Adventure Wild Swimming

Micro Adventure: Wild Swimming
Wild Swimming in Sweden.

Wild Swimming is a fantastic way to have a micro-adventure close to home – low on hassle and high in adrenaline and fun  Take part in a Micro Adventure Wild Swimming.



Daniel, author of the Wild Swimming  and Wild Guides was speaking at the fundraiser Night of Adventure organised by Alastair Humphreys and the brilliant charity Hope and Homes.

He tells us about his own journey into wild swimming, and his favourite places around the UK for adventure.

Micro Adventure Wild SwimmingWhen you slip into the water, swim along a willow-lined river or plunge into a mountain waterfall, you are doing more than just enjoying one of nature’s greatest and healthiest highs.

You are opening up a whole new world of magical adventures – adventures that are abundant in in our wet and seabound country.

Bring on a whole new way of exploring our landscape without masses of kit of clutter.

My own micro adventure wild swimming adventures began in a Huckleberry Finn  kind of way.

I grew up on the River Waveney and by the North Sea in Suffolk.  I learnt to swim in the river, building rafts, Kayaking, rope swings, camping out on the river bank, surfing, fishing and canoeing.

It is not looked at as normal in the uk to be swimming in rivers so I challenge you all to bring wild swimming to Blighty just be careful.

Choose your area well, do not put yourselves in danger and make sure you know of any dangers.

Some Dangers

Polluted water

Under Currents

Sharp objects

Cold water shock


Make a day of it.  Find an area where you can spend the day taking part in other micro adventures such as fishing or outdoor cooking.

Micro Adventure: Wild Swimming / Outdoor Cooking / Fishing / Hiking / Sailing / Canoeing the list goes on and on.

It doesn’t cost the earth and can be normally done in your nearby area but please check the water is safe before entering.

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