Fjallraven Polar.

Fjallraven Polar.

Ive wanted to apply for the Fjallraven Polar for a few years now but always held back thinking I wouldn’t have a chance.

Being outdoors is more to me than just visiting a beautiful place or a photo that gets lots of likes.

Fjallraven Polar

It gives me the chance to reflect and the immersion in nature allows me to forget about the materialistic world that man has created.

Nature truly has a healing ability.

Many people have a bucket list but how many people think of this as a goal compared to non-achievable dreams.

I was first introduced to the Fjallraven ethos when I participated in the Fjallraven Classic in 2017 in Sweden to raise money for charity.

Applying for the Fjallraven Polar has been on my mind for a few years. But my view was what is the point, there’s thousands applying and many of those will get more votes than me.

This made me think that actually i’m not practising what I preach and that im acting a bit of a hypocrite.

As I try to preach that any goal is possible.


I have always had this in-built need to help people. I’m the sort of person that stops a car to help someone in the street. 15 years ago whilst living in Cyprus we had chosen to take our winter vacation in Sri-Lanka.

Only to nearly lose our lives in the 2004 Tsunami.

2004 Sri Lanka Tsunami

We survived without a scratch and my inbuilt need to help assisted other who where less fortunate.

I have spent the last 10 years working frontline as a on-call firefighter and the last 6 years as a Emergency Medical Technician for the East of England Ambulance Service.

This was a major life changing event which brought us to the U.K.

I have recently ceased being a fire fighter so I can have more time to concentrate on this blog, You Tube Channel and most importantly spend more time with the family as a good work life balance is important.

To partcipate in this excursion is a dream for many and I want to be there to experience everything along the 300km. The good and the bad.

The Route.

Fjallraven Polar

The Fjallraven Polar is a 300km journey through the snow covered Arctic wilderness of Sapmi (Lapland). The route starts of in Norway and finished in Sweden.

300km sounds a fair distance to walk but this expedition has a difference. The expedition is over 4 days by husky sled.

Entry to Fjällräven Polar is by votes and jury selection and is region based. Two people from each region are selected. The first is chosen by total number of votes acquired on the Polar application portal.

The submission from each region with the most votes is guaranteed a spot. 

The chosen team will be made from people from all walks of life from all 4 corners of the world.

The second will be handpicked by the Fjällräven Polar jury.

I have visited this area of Scandinavia a few times and I have this unknown connection to the land.

Fjallraven Polar

To me the Fjallraven Polar would be an epic spiritual / physical journey through the snow covered tundra of Sapmi.

I want to inspire other to get outside and live there bucket list no matter how small.

Participating in the Fjallraven Polar is the perfect opportunity to show anyone that dreams are possible.

Fjallraven Polar

To participate in this I need your vote. Help me to inspire other by following the link and vote for me.

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