Easy Shakshouka.

Easy Shakshouka

Here is a easy recipe that can be done with minimal cooking equipment. Easy Shakshouka is a Tunisian dish which literally means mix up as it is made differently in every household.

I have added my own flavours to this Easy Shakshouka to make it easy to make whilst outdoors.

This recipe is being cooked over an open fire on a beach close to home.

You can change the recipe however you like to suit you tastes and what ever you have available but here’s my recipe.


1 x drizzle of oil

2 x cups of minced beef

1 x red onion

2 x eggs

1 x teaspoon of harissa

1 x handful of fresh or dried spring onions

100ml of tomato Passata (or tomato concentrate remember to water it down).

1 x red bell pepper.


Heat your pan and add your oil into the pan and add the red onion and allow to sweat.

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Chop bell pepper and add to the onion for a couple of minutes before adding minced beef and cook until brown.

Add tomato passata, harissa and spring onions and stir regularly for about 10 minutes. You may need to add a little water.

Easy Shakshouka
Shakshouka being cooked over an open fire on the beach.

Crack to eggs into pan and allow the mix to simmer carefully spooning the mix over the eggs so that they cook all over.

Serve the Easy Shakshouka with a flat bread like hammock or tortillas.

This is one of my favourite easy recipes and can be done in many ways.  You could do this as a vegetarian dish by omitting meat and adding Chick Peas.

I cook this dish regularly at home and each time different ingredients are used but the base of the dish remains the same.

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