Swedish Army LK35 Rucksack

Swedish Army LK35 Rucksack

I’d read about these rucksacks a while ago and the Swedish Army Lk35 Rucksack appealed to me. I liked the old school metal frame and thought this would be a great bag for bushcraft and more importantly I wanted something I could use for hammock camping.

Like most things Swedish the items has been built and designed for harsh wear in harsh conditions, hence the reason a lot of my outdoor gear is Swedish or Scandinavian made (its built to last).  But here you don’t have the ‘Scandinavian Price’ with it as its ex military.

Swedish Army Trangia Stove

Another item that is Swedish Ex-military I use a lot is the Swedish Army Trangia stove.  This is another piece of kit that is bomb proof and really versatile (although its not a light weight option).
Swedish Army LK35 Rucksack
I purchased one of these bags from militarymart.co.uk and when it arrived I tool the whole thing apart and started to restore it.

Bag Details.

  • Olive Green
  • 1000 Denier PU coated Cordura / Cotton canvas
  • Identity tag on hood
  • Durable external metal frame
  • fully adjustable low impact shoulder straps
  • External loading shelf
  • Removable pack – allows you to carry firewood, radio, water / fuel can, accesories etc
  • Adjustable metal ‘ladderlock’ strap system
  • easy access field tool carrying loop – Carry field tools/accessories
  • ‘Freefloating’ back system – allows air to circulate between your pack & you back for improved breathability
  • Broad webbing buffer pads for ultimate comfort!
  • Authentic classic bag
  • Exclusively designed for the Swedish army
  • Manufactured by Haglofs
  • Pack size: 35 L

So I took the bag of the frame and sanded frame down and repainted with green hammerite then re-threaded cordage with paracord as cordage was failing.

The lid of the bag is PU coated but main canvas isn’t so I thought I would wax the bag to make it waterproof.

I made a mix of linseed oil and beeswax, heated the canvas up near a fire to make it easier to apply wax then painted the warm wax/oil mix onto canvas.

I had to let the canvas hang outside for a while to lose the smell of the linseed oil but now it has settled down it is a great bushcraft bag which i can fit my hammock camping kit into easily.

Inside I can fit hammock, tarp, underblanket and quilt, camping candle, fire kit etc and either Swedish trangia will fit inside or the Swiss Army stove will lash on the top of the bag and blanket for the dog on the front.

The Swedish Army LK35 is a very versatile rucksack on I will use for ever.

8 Replies to “Swedish Army LK35 Rucksack”

  1. I blew out my wallet and scratched together some pennies and bought a Medium Alice pack and frame. I am with you on these type of Rucksacks. Love my Alice pack. Roomy and sits very comfortable on my old beaten up shoulders and back.

  2. Your article inspired me to buy and restore my own LK35 and I can’t wait to see what it’s like when I’ve finished with it. Was hoping you wouldn’t mind giving me some pointers about how you restored the metal frame. Did you completely sand yours down to the metal? If so what sanding equipment did you use? And what paint would you recommend? Chris

    1. Feel free to ask questions. I completely sanded mine down and painted with hammerite. Looking back I would now use a Matt green. I just sanded down with sandpaper and a dremmel

          1. Ok I will have a crack at it this week. The paint you used, was it a spray paint? Or liquid paint needing a brush?

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