X1 Packraft by Aqua-Xtreme | Test Paddle on the River Waveney.

The X1 packraft from Aqua-Xtreme is an absolutely brilliant packraft in many ways.

aqua extreme X1 packraft

The main two points that makes the X1 stick out is that it is half the price compared to other high end packrafts and secondly, the quality and durability matches the high priced packrafts on the market.

The X1 packraft is perfect to extend your adventures and tackle areas from a different aspect.

Packrafting will open so many doors to different adventures. Whether you are visiting areas that you regularly go to or if your trying something different like bike rafting.

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Fjallraven Polar application. 14 days to go.

This application for the fjallraven polar has basically taken over my life.

For all those who are thinking of applying you really need to work hard which is obvious as there’s thousands of people who want to take place in this dream expedition.

I love this area of the world. I recently visited in June and previously in 2017 when I done the Fjallraven Classic. But want to take part in this challenge when the area is covered in snow.

fjallraven polar

So here I sit after campaigning for a couple of hours for my fjallraven polar application in 2nd place with over 2000 votes needed to secure a place of the Fjallraven Polar.

There is 24 places available on this trip from 12 areas.

The submission from each region with the most votes is guaranteed a spot. Fjällräven reserves the right to remove votes not linked to individually managed and personally owned Facebook accounts. Profiles on the Polar site that have frequent and numerous votes from such accounts will be removed.

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Day 3 of Fjallraven Polar application.

Day 3 of Fjallraven Polar application and I can’t believe the amount of votes I’ve had so far.

It is unbelievable. I’ve spent the last 3 days trying my hardest to gain votes and it’s worked.

But I still have a long way to go. So please, please, please vote for me.

Witajcie! Zgłosiłem się do Fjallraven Polar i nie mogę uwierzyć, ze dotarłem do trzeciego miejsca. Nigdy nie sądziłem, ze będę miał jakiekolwiek szanse, żeby znaleźć się w pierwszej dziesiątce. W tej chwili wygrana nie wydaje się już tak odległa, śle nadal potrzebuje Waszych głosów. Zwracanie z prośba o udostępnienie tego postu waszym rodzinom i znajomym, może i oni zagłosują? Jest to marzenie mojego życia, a marzenia warto spełniać. Z góry dziękuje!