Swedish Army LK35 Modification.

Swedish Army LK35 Modification. I wrote a post a few years ago concerning the Swedish Army LK35 and since writing that article I have wanted to complete some modifications on the bag but never got around to it.

The LK325 is such a versatile bag and many people choose it for there bushcraft bag and modify it to there needs. There are many videos on youtube

The LK35 was made by Haglofs from the early 70s for the Swedish Army.

Thanks to Klas Nilsson who contacted me via youtube.

Klas Nilsson.

Klas has sent me the packing list and some other images of what they would carry in the LK35.

All of the gear below would be kept dry in a plastic bin liner.

Below is a photo of all the gear that would be carried in the LK35.

Pack list: Swedish army mess kit m/40 (kokkärl m/40) with Alcohol burner and windshield. (enmanskök mt).

Cuttlery (matbestick).

Plastic cup (kåsa)

Thermos (termos)fuel (alcohol)

Shirt (fältskjorta).

Inner socks and outer socks (inner- och ytterstrumpor).

Wool sweater (tröja.

Raincoat (regnställ).

Underwear short and long (kort- och långkalsonger).

Closed-cell sleeping pad (liggunderlag).

Food freeze dried (livsmedel).

Warm coat (värmejacka)sovsäck (sleeping bag)

The LK35 has been a big contender in the U.K for use as a Bushcraft bag. We all love to Mod our gear to suit our needs and this is how i’ve done mine.

I purchased a set of Swedish army pouches from Military Mart. The pouches came with everything that I would need for the Swedish Army LK35 Modification. I had afew other bits at home.

Swedish Army LK35 Modification.

Gear needed:


  • M8 nut & bolt
  • M8 wingnut
  • 5 pop rivets (3mm)
  • Leather (for axe holder)
  • Poppers (for axe holder)
  • 8 x 2mm rivets for side pouches
  • Sowing awl.
  • 4 x screw rivets

What I was changing / adding.

Adding waist belt

Attaching side pockets

Adding axe holster

Fixing a water bottle holder onto the side.

Adding shoulder clip.

The only thing that took the time was hand sowing the side pouches on. One thing I will mention is make sure the pouches are put on lower enough so the lid can close correctly. I made the error of putting them too high so i’ve had to adjust the lid.

I was recently contacted by a follower on Instagram who was in the Swedish Army during the time these bags where used and he mentioned that the look on the bag where most people hang an axe is actually for a folding shovel.

Heres the review of the modifications I have made on the LK35.

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