So here is my gear load out for Sweden trip.

Gear Load Out for Sweden

As with anything failure to prepare means prepare to fail, hence the reason I like to start planning way ahead of time when packing for a trip.

The plan is to fly to Kiruna in Northern Sweden from Stockholm then bus to Nikkaloukta and start walking to Abisko from there.

The Lake at Alesjaure.

I have done this route before but this was at a different time of the year when I took part in the Fjallraven Classic.

I took the same approach when packing for the fjallraven classic as I have now which is pack, repack and evaluate.

summit to eat

We land in Kiruna on the 16th of June and take the bus the following morning. This is very early in the season so I have had to take into account the very wet / snowy landscape, cooler & changing weather.

Hiking this route this time of the year offers more challenges but also there is less people on the trail.

As we are very early in the season I am unsure if we will be able to make the Tjatkja Pass due to snow so we are open to change route and just explore the area.

The Route

gear load out for sweden

As you can see from the route below the terrain varies from section to section so I have had to pack according to this (camp spots marked with a tent).


So the plan is as follow but this is weather dependant.

  • -Day 1 arrive at Nikkaluokta and walk to the Kebnakaise mountain station and camp near by for first night.
  • -Day 2 walk up to Tarfala and over night there (weather dependant).
  • -Day 3 head to Singi and overnight
  • -Day 4 walk to Salka and overnight
  • -Day 5 head to Alesjaure and overnight
  • -Day 6 Alesjaure to Abisko

As you can see by the image here between Singi and Salka the route is only 12.5km and Salka to Tjakta is only 12.5km. So these could be put together (conditions depending) into one day to gain a day at the end.

Post Thru-Hike.

Hopefully time depending we are looking into participating in an overnighter just outside of Kiruna but this is time dependant.

Gear Load Out

gear load out for sweden

The above photo of gear has been changed slightly to replace the lightweight cook gear with a jetboil flash.

Gear Load for Sweden

Total Base Weight 12.3 KG

Hiking Wear

Conditions depending I have planned for the following to wear (starting with lower layers).

Planning a hike along the Kungsleden

If your are interested in planning a trip to this area please see this blog post with lots of helpful tips on planning your trip

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