Real Turmat Dehydrated soups.

I have been using these Real Turmat dehydrated soups for a couple of years now and have really utilised the benefits of these as a midday meal.

real turmat dehydrated soups
Bidos at the Tjatkja Pass (Kungsleden).

The soups available are all using meat as an ingredient so for the meat eater I cannot recommend a more valuable meal for midday when you are using a high amount of energy.

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Outdoor Meal Review: Real Turmat

Outdoor Meal Review: Real Turmat Beef stew with broccoli.

As mentioned before I first came across Real Turmat meals whilst participating in the Fjallraven Classic in Northern Sweden in 2017.

Real Turmat Outdoor Meals

This is the first review of many of their different types of dehydrated outdoor meals.

Outdoor Meal Review: Real Turmat Beef Stew with broccoli.

( Oksegryte med broccoli )

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