Swedish Army LK35 Modification.

Swedish Army LK35 Modification. I wrote a post a few years ago concerning the Swedish Army LK35 and since writing that article I have wanted to complete some modifications on the bag but never got around to it.

The LK325 is such a versatile bag and many people choose it for there bushcraft bag and modify it to there needs. There are many videos on youtube

The LK35 was made by Haglofs from the early 70s for the Swedish Army.

Thanks to Klas Nilsson who contacted me via youtube.

Klas Nilsson.

Klas has sent me the packing list and some other images of what they would carry in the LK35.

All of the gear below would be kept dry in a plastic bin liner.

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Day 3 of Fjallraven Polar application.

Day 3 of Fjallraven Polar application and I can’t believe the amount of votes I’ve had so far.

It is unbelievable. I’ve spent the last 3 days trying my hardest to gain votes and it’s worked.

But I still have a long way to go. So please, please, please vote for me.

Witajcie! Zgłosiłem się do Fjallraven Polar i nie mogę uwierzyć, ze dotarłem do trzeciego miejsca. Nigdy nie sądziłem, ze będę miał jakiekolwiek szanse, żeby znaleźć się w pierwszej dziesiątce. W tej chwili wygrana nie wydaje się już tak odległa, śle nadal potrzebuje Waszych głosów. Zwracanie z prośba o udostępnienie tego postu waszym rodzinom i znajomym, może i oni zagłosują? Jest to marzenie mojego życia, a marzenia warto spełniać. Z góry dziękuje!

Nikkaloukta to Abisko June 2019 Day 4.

Nikkaloukta to Abisko June 2019 Day 4. What a good decision it was to stop earlier the day before and setup just below Tjätkja Stugan.

We woke to beautiful weather with a amazing view looking down the valley towards Alesjaure.

Nikkaloukta to Abisko June 2019 Day 4.

Breakfast for myself was Easy Eggs and for Jared it was a combination of co-codamol and naproxen.

After eating breakfast the light and weather conditions where absolutely perfect to fly the DJI Spark.

So after flying the drone and packing up we started making our way down the valley North towards Alesjaure.

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Subscriber Giveaway

I’m doing a subscriber giveaway. I started a YouTube channel as many people have said I should and although at first I was vary wary about it as I’m not that sort of in front of the camera guy, i’m actually quite enjoying it and love filmmaking.

My channel is here: youtube.com/c/BetweenTheTrees

I’m filming my micro adventures, fishing trips, hiking trips, day hikes, gear reviews.

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