Revolution Race GPx Trousers

Revolution Race GPx Trousers.  I’ve seen this company pop up on my Instagram feed a bit and seen that a lot of people in Scandinavia wearing there stuff so thought it was time to give them a try. 

Revolution Race is based in Sweden and only sell online.

The idea for RevolutionRace and Fritidsfabriken was born on a hike to Everest Base Camp in Nepal a couple of years ago.


revolution race GPx pants

The co founder of Fritidsfabriken, had trouble finding clothes for the trek with a perfect fit.

The garments she found wasn’t up to her expectations, being too expensive and the fit being far from what she was after.

The cheaper brands were even worse, not able to impress her with neither function, design nor fit.

She thought that someone should go about and address these issues, offering an outdoor brand who made functional clothing with a great fit at affordable prices.

The clothing looks well made and it seems as if someone has actually designed and tested them for the environment they are designed for.

They don’t use retailers so there clothing can only be found online and with tracked delivery the trousers I ordered where here in 4 days.

I was trying out the Revolution Race GPx Trousers.

They are a multifunctional hybrid pant with stretch.

It has reinforcements on the knees, around the seat and in the lower legs.

GPx is developed for multifunctionality, it is suited for all kinds of activities like hiking, fishing and generally anything outdoors.

The reinforcements in Duralite flex is both wind and water resistant, the stretch panels ventilate and gives an incredible comfort.

The knees are fitted with pockets for knee pads.

Revolution Race GPx Trousers suit most outdoor activities and has the advantage that it can be waxed for greater water resistance in the reinforced parts on the seat and knees. 

First thought:

Revolution Race GPx Trousers

They are quite figure hugging so a good fit is needed, looking at reviews a few people have ordered them too small and got them replaced with larger sizes with no bother.

Personally I wear trousers that are quite baggy so I have lots of movement.  With the 4-way stretch this isn’t needed and having them figure hugging has its benefits.

I had just put these trousers on when I was called to a fire (I work as a on-call firefighter).

Revolution Race GPX pantsThese trousers where worn under my fire fighting PPE.

I thought was going to get really hot and sweaty.

I found that after 5 hours arduous work I was still very comfortable in these trousers.

They had a real baptism of ‘Fire’ (excuse the pun!).


Now how water repellent they are has yet to be tested.  I have waxed the seat, knees and ankles to give a bit more waterproofing on these areas.

All in all they are great item of clothing and I look forward to trying more of their clothing.

I would recommend wearing the Revolution Race gpx trousers during day hikes and long thru hiking.

I wore these whilst spending 5 days hiking and wild camping in the Lake District or would wear them during the Fjallraven Classic.


The revolution race gpx trousers has 7 pockets in total.

  • 2 x leg cargo pockets (left pocket has internal phone pocket), right pocket has a zipped side pocket,
  • 2 x hip pockets (these are in the stretch material so not much can be stored in these
  • Rear right zipped pocket.


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