Tinder pouch starter kit by Beaver Bushcraft review.

Tinder Pouch Starter Kit

Beaver Bushcraft are based in Kent and are the makers of fine bushcraft products ranging from brilliant leather, tinder boxes to fire steels.

tinder pouch starter kit
Tinder pouch starter kit

The product I was sent is the tinder pouch start kit which is a perfect addition when you purchase one of their fire steels.

They have a vast selection of fire steels to suit everyone.

Purchasing the tinder pouch starter kit with your fire steel is pretty much a must.

It comes in a simple, natural hessian, ‘Beaver Bushcraft’ drawstring Pouch, a few pieces of Norfolk Flint, a sample of natural Amadou Tinder, plus some Char Cloth enclosed in a small plastic bag for protection, Jute Rope and a few Sulphur Spills.

Dragon fire steel.

The tinder pouch starter kit has many methods of fire lighting for all sorts of environments.

I was really impressed with the sulphur spills as this is a very quick way in producing a flame (perfect when tinder is damp or in a confined space).

The tinder pouch starter kit can be purchased here from Beaver Bushcraft.

I had planned for a day in the woods so I thought it would be a great opportunity to try out this tinder pouch.

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Armed with my fire steel and the tinder pouch I first collected some tinder i.e. birch bark & bracken which I had planed to use to light a fire in a wood gas stove.

The area I setup in I was later to find was infested with midges so after moving slightly towards the reed beds where the wind was blowing I was able to setup not getting bitten.

Sulphur Matches

tinder pouch starter kit
Sulphur Spill combusting of an ember of Amadou.

Firstly I had a look at the Sulphur spills.

So these look like large matches but they won’t strike, you need an ember hot enough to allow the sulphur too combust.

Be careful not to breathe the fumes of the sulphur in when its burning as this is not nice.

Sulphur Matches are safe to use, and keep well in a traditional Tinderbox, or other container, since they cannot accidentally be ignited by friction.

Char Cloth

This can easily be used to create an ember in a many ways and is one of the easiest tinder’s to use. Char Cloth is easy to make (see video).


Commonly used by our ancestors because it is able to catch even the smallest of sparks.

Amadou being used with a flint and steel.

It is one of the best tinders that can be found in naturally.

It is has a beautiful velvet feel and feels similar to suede leather.

Amadou has been used for fire-making for thousands of years, and would have been found in pretty much every travellers tinder box because it is so reliable.



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