Subscriber Giveaway

I’m doing a subscriber giveaway. I started a YouTube channel as many people have said I should and although at first I was vary wary about it as I’m not that sort of in front of the camera guy, i’m actually quite enjoying it and love filmmaking.

My channel is here:

I’m filming my micro adventures, fishing trips, hiking trips, day hikes, gear reviews.

Hiking through the Reedbeds.

I fully understand that my videos are no where near en-par with some of the outdoors channel big boys but i’m enjoying making them and editing them so as far as i’m concerned that’s enough for me!

Subscriber Giveaway.

So as a thanks to all the great feedback and the subscribers I have received so far I.m doing a give away.

All is explained in the video below. Just subscribe (if you haven’t already) and comment below and next week I will draw out the winners.

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