Real Turmat Dehydrated soups.

I have been using these Real Turmat dehydrated soups for a couple of years now and have really utilised the benefits of these as a midday meal.

real turmat dehydrated soups
Bidos at the Tjatkja Pass (Kungsleden).

The soups available are all using meat as an ingredient so for the meat eater I cannot recommend a more valuable meal for midday when you are using a high amount of energy.

What benefits are there to me having a soup midday instead of a main meal?

The main reason is that these soups aren’t as heavy as a main meal.

Once rehydrated they are mainly liquid so therefore you don’t need so much time to digest. You can pretty much eat, pack away and carry on with your adventure.

real turmat dehydrated soups

The soups themselves weigh around 70g so are very light weight so perfect for keeping your pack weight down over a multi day hike (like my 5 day trip through Northern Sweden).

Using 320ml of boiling water will rehydrate the ingredients to give you a really filling, nutritional and tasty soup.

Uses of the Real Turmat dehydrated soups ?

real turmat dehydrated soups

As mentioned above they are perfect for a lunch time meal if you are planning on just eating and carrying on as you don’t feel full after eating.

Equally these soups are great for warming in the winter if you are out over-night fishing, canoeing or a warm meal whilst your out in winter environments.

With around 250 kcal of energy these soups are energy packed to fuel you on your adventures.

Personally I love these soups.

They are really tasty and just like all the other meals by Real Turmat once they are dehydrated they look and taste just like a meal you have prepared at home.

The Real Turmat dehydrated soups have a shelf-life of 5 years from manufacture.

Real Turmat Dehydrated Soup | Flavours.


real turmat bidés

Bidos is a celebratory stew commonly eaten on Sami National Day.

Real Turmat have developed this dish of Arctic reindeer with potato and carrot. It is a traditional and warming soup with lot of game flavour and rich texture. 

Meat Soup

A warming soup with beef and root vegetables, packed full of flavour and full of energy to keep you going.

Chicken Soup

A tasty soup with ginger, garlic and large chunks of chicken meat. Light, full of flavour for all those chicken lovers.

Real Turmat Outdoor Meals

These dehydrated soups will be a valuable asset to what ever bag you are carrying.

Whether stuffed in your kayak, day bag, food bag for a long distant hike or kept in the camper van to eat after returning from a long cold walk for the day.

You can only purchase these meals from Real Turmat for delivery with in Norway.

In the UK you can purchase these soups from Basecamp Foods.

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