MCQ Bushcraft Hacked! and YouTube Channel Deleted.

MCQ Bushcraft Hacked last week. I’m sure nearly all of my followers are aware of MCQ Bushcraft. His content on YouTube has been inspiring people for a long time.

Mike Mcquilton grew up in South Gloucestershire U.K. with a huge interest in the outdoors being an avid hunter and fisherman he started to develop his love for nature and the outdoors as a teenager. Mike started to develop his outdoorsman skills by experience, mistakes and self learning.

His YouTube channel became very popular with his unique placid style of getting information across in that carries no stigma.

MCQ Bushcraft also produces some amazing leatherwork from axe collars to Ferro Rod Sheaths which you can find on his website

Personally I learnt so much from watching his videos. It was watching one of his videos that inspired me to bespoke my LK-35.

As you can see in a previous post I have listed MCQ Bushcraft as an inspiring YouTube channel.

Then to see him take his love of the outdoors to my favourite place in the world: Northern Sweden was great to see. Then to see that Mike and his fiancé Megan have settled and have had a baby is very inspiring for others that you can follow dreams.

After the move to Sweden Mike decide to change his channel slightly to cover more Wilderness living which falls perfectly into place with living in Northern Sweden.

Personally I love seeing his overland adventures combined with fishing and utilising his bushcraft skills.

Last week a post popped up on Instagram from Mike stating MCQ Bushcraft hacked.

mcq bushcraft hacked

After speaking with Mike the hacker managed to gain access to his account, change his password, two-step authentication and remove his devices.

Then this septic blister of a human who hacked his account deleted all of his videos and uploaded a bitcoin scam which was later removed by YouTube.

Mike is trying to regain access to his channel but he is not having much luck so far.

As you can see from this link all content has be removed from his channel

So I ask everyone who reads this to email, DM, and tag YouTube asking for some assistance here as a creator Mike hasn’t had any protection or assistance from YouTube as yet.

Lets get this viral tag youtube in a post and hashtag #releasemcqbushcraft

So please lets all get together and help get Mike’s channel back up and inspiring people to #getoutside

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