X1 Packraft by Aqua-Xtreme | Test Paddle on the River Waveney.

The X1 packraft from Aqua-Xtreme is an absolutely brilliant packraft in many ways.

aqua extreme X1 packraft

The main two points that makes the X1 stick out is that it is half the price compared to other high end packrafts and secondly, the quality and durability matches the high priced packrafts on the market.

The X1 packraft is perfect to extend your adventures and tackle areas from a different aspect.

Packrafting will open so many doors to different adventures. Whether you are visiting areas that you regularly go to or if your trying something different like bike rafting.

X1 Packraft.

Packability of the X1 Packraft.

The X1 packraft weighs 2.49kg and packs down to around 30cm x 20cm so it is really portable whether it is attached to the bottom of your rucksack, attached to the handle bars of you bike or thrown in the van.

The X1 has a weight capacity of 170kg so it is a real work horse. Whether it is carrying a heavy bag full of gear for 12 days hiking or if it is carrying your bike for bike rafting adventures.

X1 packraft

How does the X1 Packraft paddle?

The X1 paddles really well. Designed with an up turned bow, The X1 has a maximum speed of 4kph and with the 30cm oversized tubes and oversized stern it is really stable and can be used in many types of water.


Length – 2.26 m – Width – 98cm       

Internal Size – 120cm x 40cm x 30cm

Personally it has a lot of internal space for me. I am 1.83cm tall and I can sit with my legs fully stretched out.

Variations of the X1 Packraft.

The X1 comes in a Open Boat, Self-Bailer or with cockpit so what ever the conditions are you are paddling the X1 will suit your every needs.

Cockpit Model

What does it come with?

The X1 comes with a securing strap, fill bag, repair kit (no glue), inflatable seat and inflatable back rest.

x1 packraft review
Packrafting in the X1 on the River Waveney.


The main part of the raft is made using 210d Urethane-Nylon (single-sided with a multiple coating and surface finish)

The floor is made of double urethane coated 840d nylon with V-Tape construction for extra durability.

The seams are all stitched and sealed with a 25mm/1” seam tape to the deliver the highest durability and ensure the highest quality air holding properties.

All of the above give the X1 the same build quality as high priced packrafts on the market.

Mounting Gear on the X1

With 4 loops on the bow and on the stern you have the ability to attach all of your gear.

My views of the X1 Packraft.

The X1 packs up nice and small and is easy to inflate. The fill bag that comes with the X1 is made from really heavy duty fabric and isn’t lightweight compared to other fill bags.

x1 packraft

It doesn’t pack down into your fist like some other fill bags do. Also due to the weight of the fabric it doesn’t catch the air easily if there isn’t any wind.

The packraft itself is lightweight, durable, easy to inflate and easy to paddle.

The X1 retails at $549 and what I like is that this packraft is suitable for the everyday Joe. Packrafting can really open doors to adventure. Whether you are adapting regular routes or attacking a hiking route from a different angle.

This is going to be perfect for my road trip to Northern Sweden next year. I am hoping to be able to paddle down the Rapa Valley in the Sarek National Park.

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