Real Turmat Dehydrated soups.

I have been using these Real Turmat dehydrated soups for a couple of years now and have really utilised the benefits of these as a midday meal.

real turmat dehydrated soups
Bidos at the Tjatkja Pass (Kungsleden).

The soups available are all using meat as an ingredient so for the meat eater I cannot recommend a more valuable meal for midday when you are using a high amount of energy.

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Cooking Outdoors / Van life: Omnia Oven / Stove Top Oven.

I was sent a link concerning this Omnia oven less oven by a friend.

Then after a couple of emails one of these portable ovenless ovens is winging itself from Sweden to my door.

omnia oven

What a great concept a portable, lightweight stove top oven.

The concept of the Omnia oven is quite simple. The three-part Omnia utilises heat from the stove and generates both top and bottom heat.

A circular aluminium food container with center hole sits on a matching stainless steel support thatsits on the heat source.

The heat spreads along the bottom of the food container and as it rises the specially designed lid with ventilation hole diverts the heat over the top of the container.

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